Manchester Terrier

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The Manchester Terrier originated in England and is a descendant of the Black and Tan Terrier. He was initially bred to hunt for rats and other tiny vermin. There are two types. The standard can weigh 12-22 pounds. The Toy must weigh less than 12 pounds. He’s a great worker in the field or backyard if he discovers any rodents present.

He’s a great house pet but often tries to test boundaries so he needs lots of strict training. He’s intelligent, quick-witted and keen to learn. He’s very loyal to his owner and creates a powerful bond. He’s not a neurotic dog and doesn’t bark a lot but he is a great watchdog. His sleek, short coat is tan and black. He can live in rural and urban environments. He’s a neat dog and grooms himself. He can be 15 – 16 inches high.