Spinone Italiano

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The Spinone Italiano (Italian Pointer) is an Italian all-purpose dog for hunting. He’s an “old school” dog and rather slow footed, like the dogs used prior to the wing shooting period. His ancestors included the Italian Setters, other setters left by traders from the Adriatic Coast and Greece, the White Mastiff and, possibly, the French Griffon. He’s an excellent hunter on any terrain and can handle the coldest of waters and the densest undergrowth because of his thick skin and dense, wiry coat.

He’s playful, docile, energetic and active. As long as he’s with his family, he’s happy. He’s a social dog but needs training early on. His colour can be brown roan with/without brown markings, white and brown markings, orange roan with/without orange markings, white or orange and white. He’s the ultimate “wash and wear” dog and should remain like that with just a little hand stripping and brushing occasionally. However, after he has had a drink, his messy, wet beard may leave a water trail. His height is 22 – 27 inches.