Tibetan Mastiff

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The Tibetan Mastiff has an almost unknown history but is believed to have come from China around 1100 B.C. He stayed isolated in the Himalayas where he eventually became the Tibetan Mastiff of today. He mainly worked as a guard dog for people and property, kept confined in the daytime and released at night to guard his home. He was also often left to guard tents and people while flocks were moved on to higher pastures.

He’s a very impressive, aloof, big dog with a watchful gaze. His expression is solemn but kind. He’s independent and intelligent and often has his own agenda so should be kept in a fenced area and he’s being exercised. His double coat can be blue/grey, brown or black and it may have tan markings and/or shades of gold. Even though he may appear in the US in shows, he doesn’t actually like the organised activities due to his independent streak. In the home, he’s quiet but also fiercely protective so you may have trouble bringing other people into your house. He only sheds once each year but still needs to be brushed regularly. He stands at 24 – 26 inches.