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The Whippet evolved for 100 years and, in 1891, was finally recognised by the English Kennel Club while he was used as a racing dog. He was known as the “poor man’s racehorse.” He’s the fastest domestic animal of his weight, moving as fast as 35 m.p.h. He has great balance and power and is fit and elegant. He was taken to Massachusetts, America which was the American home of Whippet racing for many years. Then that honour was bestowed upon Baltimore, Maryland.

He’s a natural athlete, needing regular exercise and lots of care and attention. He needs good nutrition, vet visits and vaccinations so he can be healthy for racing. He’s also a great pet and is dignified and quiet when he’s at home, where he makes an excellent companion. A Whippet can be any colour. He’s 18 – 22 inches high.